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As we close the window on digital submissions for ‘Amped’ the UK’s most far reaching, and fairest talent search: the real work starts. 543 new artists have thrown their hearts into the ring, a fantastic response, and from all over the UK.
Robbo, and the team of judges will now get their listening heads on. Watch this space for news of our 21 semi-finalists’. 
The rubber is about to hit the road!

Region Finals

Bristol – The Exchange 17th May. FREE TICKETS

Liverpool – The Cavern 25th May

London – The Bedford 5th June

Finalists Announced

Finalist Playlist, check it out!

Bristol regional finalist showcase


Laurie Wright is a singer songwriter hellbent on bringing the rock n roll revival to the masses. With brilliantly crafted, high energy guitar hits, Laurie Wright and his band are destined for rock n roll’s biggest stage. Having built a raucous following with sold out gigs up and down the country, sharpened by legendary busking sessions on the busy streets of Camden Town, Laurie is just getting started. Taking cues from the likes of The Libertines, Oasis and Small Faces, the upcoming debut album is set to put guitar music firmly back where it belongs.


Kisskie are a West Midland 3 piece. Set to cause carnage at Bristol’s Exchange off the back of a 200 mile Camino from Portugal through Spain. A blend of party pop reggae and rock, and a roster of sold out shows in Belgium and beyond. They’re an act you won’t want to miss.


Two Pound Downs music, is written by Jesse and James and has a two-sided coin feel, with Jesse’s songs being a fast-paced and emotional rap take and James’ songs being progressive dream pop with jazz influences. Ethan on bass and Gabe on drums make up their backlineline, which serves as the foundation of their music. They have so far performed at Mappfest in Malvern, where the band live, and played frequently at The Crown in Bristol, the band are planning on expanding more out of their hometown in the future months. 


Siracuse is led by singer and guitarist Ben Zakotti, bassist Matt Jefferies, and drummer Will Hall. This is a mix of indie psychedelia, drenched in reverb, driven by driving bass lines and distorted guitars, a sound that is soaked in reverb. The band has been praised for their energetic live performances and ability to create a distinct sound that blends punk, rock, and psychedelia.


The enigmatic three-piece alt-rock group Gold Fever heavily draws inspiration from dance music from the 1980s. Their distinctive sound is created by their use of fast-paced, catchy guitars, shimmering synths, and danceable rhythms. If that isn’t sufficient, Oscar JD Sault’s clever, intricate lyricism is sure to hold the attention of listeners. Gold Fever are establishing a strong foundation in their native Bristol as they release more music.


Alex Ohm’s alternative, cinematic symphonies reflect the wide range of influences that inspire his work and come together to create his band’s unique sound. Midlands based songsmith, Ohm has become a renowned name on the local music scene and beginning to make a name for himself far and wide. With several sold out shows already under his belt, Alex has also opened shows for the likes of Ian Brown, The Charlatans, Ocean Colour Scene and Peter Doherty to name a few as well as touring worldwide.


Naked Image are a four-piece indie rock band from Newent, South West England. They are influenced by early Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes and have been compared to sounding similar to bands such as Mystery Jets, Viola Beach and The Night Café. Their sound combines catchy guitar licks, high energy drumming with sharp, stylised vocals. They we formed when three cousins, Spencer Rees, Sam Goulding and Jack Baker, decided to take their jamming sessions at the family home to a wider audience. Backed with the help of bass player Jack Collins, the band are looking to take the UK by storm.


An alternative rock band with a fiery, eclectic live show that blends indie and prog. During the Seventies, Zappa, Yes, and Weather Report created an electronic world for audiences. Echo Gecco offer modern audiences a tantalizing taste of that world. Almost punk-like in feel, their songs range from jazz-influenced epics to compulsive songs with a prog flavour.


Red Hot Riot are a three piece neo rockabilly/indie influenced band from The Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. Formed in 2019, the band secured a slot at the acclaimed Glastonbury Festival after just three gigs. A few months later, the band release the first EP titled “NINETEEN”, to which boosted the bands presence with the main single “Life You Get” getting featured on a Glastonbury Festival advert. The band toured all over the U.K. and France, before signing with Western Star Records to release the debut album. In 2021 the debut album was released and was featured in magazines all around the world, and played on various different BBC radio stations.

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