Performing on the Saturday!
Wed 7th – Sun 11th August 2024
Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire

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About Lakefest

As one of the premier independent festivals in the UK, Lakefest has bloomed beautifully from its modest roots more than a decade ago. Nestled within the serene valley of the Malvern Hills and spread over the picturesque estate of Eastnor Castle, its location is nothing short of breathtaking. Lakefest radiates a distinct charm and resonates with a strong sense of unity, lively enjoyment, and laid-back ambiance. It stands out as one of the rare festivals that genuinely embraces a ‘family-and-friends’ spirit, ensuring a welcoming and safe environment for all attendees.

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Join us for the whole festival which includes access from Wednesday evening to Monday morning (7-11th August)

Includes camping and parking. Prices from £149 for 5 nights.

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“Kosheen: Electronic Music Pioneers with a Soulful Edge

Kosheen is a British electronic music trio consisting of singer-songwriter Sian Evans, guitarist/producer Mark Morrison, and drummer/producer Darren Beale. Formed in Bristol, England, in 1998, the group has emerged as one of the most prominent and influential acts in the electronic music scene, renowned for their unique blend of breakbeat, drum & bass, and soulful vocals.

Musical Evolution and Enduring Legacy

Kosheen’s musical style has evolved over the years, consistently pushing the boundaries of electronic music while retaining their signature soulful and emotive sound. Their early works, such as their debut album “”Resist”” (2001), were characterized by their energetic breakbeat and drum & bass influences, evident in tracks like “”Hide U”” and “”Catch.””

As their career progressed, Kosheen incorporated more elements of pop, rock, and even classical music into their sound, expanding their musical palette and broadening their appeal. Their subsequent albums, including “”Empires”” (2005) and “”Ten”” (2007), showcased their versatility and willingness to experiment, while maintaining their signature soulful vocals and emotive songwriting.

Kosheen’s impact on the electronic music scene is undeniable. They were one of the first acts to successfully bridge the gap between electronic music and traditional songwriting, introducing a soulful and emotive dimension to the genre. Their music has influenced countless artists, inspiring a generation of electronic musicians to explore new sonic territories and incorporate more elements of human emotion into their work.

Kicking Down Doors and Smashing Glass Ceilings

Kosheen’s impact extends beyond their musical contributions. They were one of the first electronic music groups to achieve mainstream success, breaking down barriers and challenging the perception of electronic music as a purely club-oriented genre. Their music found its way onto mainstream radio stations and pop charts, exposing a wider audience to the emotional depth and sonic diversity of electronic music.

Frontwoman Sian Evans has also played a significant role in challenging gender stereotypes in the music industry. In a male-dominated field, she has established herself as a powerful and influential artist, inspiring aspiring female musicians and challenging the notion that electronic music is a man’s world.

Kosheen Today: Continuing to Inspire and Innovate

Despite a hiatus from releasing new music in the mid-2000s, Kosheen has remained active in the music industry. They continue to perform at festivals and clubs worldwide, and their music has gained renewed popularity in recent years.

In 2016, they released their first studio album in over a decade, “”The Legacy,”” which showcased their continued evolution and exploration of new sounds. They remain a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene, constantly pushing boundaries and inspiring new generations of music lovers.

Kosheen’s Enduring Legacy

Kosheen’s legacy in electronic music is firmly cemented. They were a pioneering force in the genre, blending soulful vocals, emotive songwriting, and innovative electronic sounds to create a unique and captivating musical experience. Their impact on the industry is undeniable, and their music continues to inspire and resonate with listeners worldwide.”

Kosheen live at Lakefest 2024

Kosheen will be performing on Saturday at Lakefest 07-11th August 2024. Don’t miss out and get tickets now!


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