The Parents Guide to Festivals

Here's our top 10 tips and hacks!

1. Choose Family-Friendly Festivals:

Start by choosing a festival that is known to be family-friendly. These festivals usually offer a variety of kid-focused activities and amenities, like dedicated family camping areas, child-friendly entertainment, and child care services. At Lakefest we are family friendly from the ground up and have spent years curating fun and free activities for children of all ages. 

2. Plan Ahead:

Do some research ahead of time. Look at the festival schedule and decide which performances or activities are suitable for your family. Make sure you know where the first aid stations, bathrooms, and food vendors are located.

3. Pack Smart:

Ensure you pack all the essentials for your children – sunscreen, hats, comfortable clothes, wet wipes, Calpol, rain gear, ear protection (for loud music), a reusable water bottle, and lots of snacks. Consider bringing a wagon or stroller for tired little legs, some shade and to carry things.

4. Keep Safety in Mind:

Go over safety procedures with your children. Make sure they know what to do if they get lost. Some parents find it helpful to write their phone number on their child’s arm or wristband. Child locator devices are also available. At Lakefest we have strict security protocols in place for missing children and have a dedicated wellfare tent with trained staff and security. 

5. Set Boundaries:

Set boundaries about where your children can and cannot go. The festival site can be quite big, and it’s easy for kids to wander off. Our festival arena is fully enclosed with just two entrances both manned 24/7 by security. Our camping fields are also patrolled around the clock by security. 

6. Be Flexible:

Be prepared to leave early if your children get tired. Festivals can be overwhelming for kids, so it’s important to be flexible and put their needs first. Lakefest is within a valley within the Malvern Hills an area of outstanding natural beauty so you are never far from a quiet spot! Plus unlike some of the larger festivals you’ll only ever be a maximum of a 10 minute walk to your campsite. 

7. Enjoy the Music:

Remember to have fun and enjoy the music with your kids. Festivals can be a great way to introduce your children to new music and cultures. We also have a kids talent competition which has showcased some incredible young talent over the years and is an inspiration for everyone involved. 

8. Stay Hydrated and Well-fed:

Kids can get cranky when they’re hungry or thirsty. Make sure to keep them well-fed and hydrated throughout the day. A good festival has plenty of free drinking water points both in the arena and in each campsite, Lakefest is no different!

9. Prepare for All Weather:

Check the forecast before you go and be prepared for all weather conditions – festivals rarely get called off due to weather. The British weather is unpredicatble at best over the years we have had torrential rain resulting in a spontanious mud sliding competition and heat waves with 35+ degree temperatures! Come prepared!

10. Consider Ear Protection:

Consider bringing along ear protection for your kids, especially for louder concerts. There are plenty of child-friendly options on the market. Just be mindful of your proximity to speakers when watching the acts. 

Going to a festival with your children can be a memorable experience with the right preparation. Remember, the goal is to have fun and make amazing family memories.