Well being at lakefest

Enjoy a blissful experience at Lakefest

Hot tubs

Wonderlandia Tub blissing – definition:

Verb informal gerund or present participle: blissing:
reach a state of perfect happiness, oblivious of everything else in a
Wonderlandia hot tub

Soaking your tired body in one of our traditional wood-fired natural Red
Cedar hot tubs will be one the most wonderful, blissful experiences you can
have at Lakefest Festival this year!

We are adding an extra touch of luxury and offer a relaxing soak in the
daytime or wake up early and prepare yourself for a busy day ahead with an
early morning soak. The ambience in the evening is amazing watching the
stars and listening to crackle of the log fired burners!

We are fastidious about our water cleanliness which is completely refreshed
daily. Wonderlandia will make sure you have the most relaxing, Blissful
experience, soaking away your cares in a beautiful environment!

Booking with us gives you 50 minutes soak time in the hot tub and you can
hang out up up 2 hours before or after your session in our hot tub area
which includes our chill tent and seating where you can drink chat and

Please remember to bring your swim suit and a towel and some bottled water.

Relaxation Zone

Enhance your festival experience this year in our relaxation zone and enjoy a range

of treatments from experienced therapists.

Treatments include:

Swedish Body Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Indian Head Massage
Organic Facial
Festival Hair Feathers
Festival Makeover