Live Wrestling!

New for 2021! Step into the SWW Slam Arena

From its 70s and 80s Saturday afternoon incarnation which was dominated by the larger than life characters Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks wrestling has gone through a truly monumental growth with the multi-million-dollar US federations such as the WWE and Impact wrestling having a huge impact on how the sport is presented in the UK. Fights are bigger, the showmanship is as important as the sporting prowess. It has glitz and glamour that is infused with the incredible feats of agility and strength which draws in massive crowds to see home-grown talent battle tooth and nail for the superiority of the ring.

SSW (South West Wrestling) has since its inception become of the most entertaining and respected wrestling federations in the UK and this year, they will be bringing their non-stop action to Lakefest for what promises to be a truly monumental series of matches throughout LF2020.

“SWW will be bringing their brand of hard-hitting, high octane wrestling action to Lakefest 2021!
Just like the entertainment you see on TV expect to see everything from a 30st Heavyweight monster to high flyers both men and women and everything in between!

We will be running 5 events across the weekend with no show the same all building to a huge Rumble match on Sunday to crown the Lakefest Champion! Ideal for the whole family to enjoy with audience participation encouraged, cheer your favourites and boo the ones you hate!
SWW has been running events for over 2 years in Gloucestershire and Bristol entertaining thousands along the way. Don’t miss out seeing one of the most exciting wrestling shows in the whole country.”


See what Big Jim and LA Taylor have to say about it!