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7th, 8th, & 9th August 2015 - Croft Farm Waterpark, Gloucestershire


Lakefest was born unofficially on April 9th 2011 when Croft Farm Waterpark hosted its inaugural music and cider festival.

The 2011 effort was essentially a giant cider festival (over 32 different ciders available and real ales aplenty) accompanied by some great music from The Wurzels, Avert Francis and The Roving Crows. Over 9000 pints of cider were enjoyed by revellers that shared a super special day in the sunshine. It was an epic experience for everyone and the so-called ‘lads’ (organisers) chose to grow things a little in 2012…

Lakefest was born! As with all things like this, the budget was blown and a ridiculously high calibre of bands was booked including: EMF, Athlete, Reef, Dodgy, Toploader, Chesney Hawkes and many, many others. Being our first year, we were hugely optimistic on our ticket sales and despite a massive turnout the finances prior to the opening of the festival were dire. Despite this the ‘lads’ didn’t scrimp or save on any element of the festival. Karma played out and Lakefest 2012 was a monumental success, gaining rave reviews from guests and the local press. Wow, the local response was overwhelming and resulted in shortlist places (top 3, 2012) at The UK Festival Awards for Best Small Festival, Grass Roots Festival, Best New Festival and Best Family Festival. We’ll never forget that support.

Our success continued and our enthusiasm certainly didn’t dwindle as we went on to book more amazing names for 2013 and 2014. We now find ourselves looking forward to the fourth official year of Lakefest. Memories are made amidst the magical scenery and the return of familiar faces year upon year is why we started all of this in the first place… along with the continued growth of new revellers that head to us each year.

It’s been a meteoric rise but we have vowed to stick to the friendly, slightly hippie West Country roots and continue to build a festival that is friendlier and more fun than any other. As you can probably tell by the price of the ticket, the ‘lads’ are more interested in legacy and memories than financial gain. So much so, the organisers publish their personal telephone numbers if people want to talk to them. That’s unheard of but testament to the beliefs of the organisers.

The plan isn’t to be a Reading or Glastonbury but to build something special for people that want to drink, laugh lots, dance and party. A Latitude without the commercial edge has always been the vision…

We can’t guarantee the weather, after all we live in England! But we can guarantee an awesome weekend filled with world class music, more activities than you can shake a stick at and a bar to help with the dancing… whatever the weather.