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Lakefest 2022 is a Cashless Event

With the success of our last two events being cashless we are once again going cashless this year. There are numerous benefits to being cashless, aside from being safer it also means a lot less queuing and waiting around!

How does it work?

When you arrive on site, you will exchange your ticket for a wristband (as per usual). But this will be a special wristband with a chip in it – that’s registered to you. This will act like your bank card. You will just tap your wristband against the machines (like you would with a contactless card or mobile phone). You can add credit to the card before the event and easily top on site (read more details below)

What do I need to do?

Once you have your festival ticket, we advise you set up a free cashless account. This will enable you to transfer money into it and it can be paired with your wristband. Create an account below (you’ll need your festival ticket barcode): For ticket Seller tickets get your barcode here. Or check your email confirmation.



We strongly recommend that you top up your account before the event. This will save you the hassle of sorting it out when you arrive. There will be wifi hotspots that will allow you to manage and access your cashless accounts.

Step 1

Create your secure cashless account Below using your ticket barcode. (If you came to Lakefest 2021 you will still need to create a new account)

Step 2

add the amount of money that you want to preload your account with. (min £20 max £500)

Step 3

When you arrive at the event you exchange your e-ticket for your wristband which is paired to your cashless account ready to use.

Step 4

you can check your balance online at anytime and top up at various top up locations in the arena.

Manage / Create Account

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If you have any problems please read the FAQs below or email cashless dedicated support at cashless@lakefest.co.uk

wristband Refunds

do not thow away your wristbands! You will need the code on the back of the RFID tag to claim any unspent funds in your account. Any unspent funds must be claimed with 14 days of the event finishing.

Reminder – there is a £1 refund processing fee. This is a bank/service provider transfer fee and there is no other cost to you for using the system. 


How do I know how much is on my wristband?

For those who have pre-registered it is easy to go online and check the balance. Alternatively, any bar or food outlet can tap your card with their device and let you know how much is left. Visit this page to login to your account. 

Purchasing food, beverages, merchandise and anything else at the festival

To make a purchase, check the sale amount displayed on the vendor’s terminal and tap your wristband on it. The purchased amount will be automatically and instantly debited from your e-credit balance on your chip. If you have a personal account, the purchase will appear in your transaction history as soon as the transaction has synchronised with our online account platform over the internet. It is possible that some vendors will not be connected to the internet, in which case the transaction may not appear in your history until shortly after the event.

What happens when my credit runs out?

You can also visit one of the top-up booths on site or visit this webpage at any time on your smartphone and add credit to your account. There will be WiFI hotspots in the main arena. 

How will it improve my festival experience?

Cashless will make your experience at Lakefest much more convenient. Say goodbye to queues at bars and food stalls, as well as the need to bring and carry your wallet and queue at expensive ATM’s. It also gives you many other benefits such as a record of all your purchases. It deters thieves and criminal elements making Lakefest safer as well as more enjoyable. It also helps in safeguarding children in the event of any lost children. Less queuing and congested areas mean it also helps with social distancing.

Is cashless safe?

Yes, your RFID wristband is protected by a highly secure encryption that makes it impossible to copy or steal the money and all the information stored on it and more secure than your credit/debit card. If your wristband is lost or stolen, your full balance of funds can be recovered and put on a new one (if you had registered it, which is fast and free to do).

Is the system reliable?

Of course. The system we use is designed to be fail-safe, able to operate without internet or power and has been used flawlessly at thousands of events around the world. It has no central point of failure, meaning that the worst-case scenario is that an individual scanning device (such as a payment terminal on a bar) or wristband becomes damaged or lost. In both instances, they can be replaced in moments on-site, ensuring continuous service throughout Lakefest. In that respect, cashless is much more reliable than card payment systems in an event environment.

Do I have to register in advance?

We would ALWAYS recommend registering in advance, so when you can collect your wristband upon arrival you can start to enjoy the festival straight away. 

Plus, you will also be able to:

  1. Check spending history
  2. Top-up your account at any time on the website
  3. Block your wristband should you lose it and reclaim your balance
  4.  Obtain an automatic refund for any unspent money post-event
Someone else bought my ticket, can I still create a personal account?

Yes, this is not a problem. Just make sure you enter the ticket number of the ticket you will be carrying to enter the festival, and your personal account will be linked to your wristband.

Does everyone in my group require a cashless account?

No, you only need one account between your group / family to ensure that you can buy food/drink and merchandise on site.  This is great for families as you can add wallets for your kids within one account to easily monitor and track their spending. 

Do I have to register my personal information to use the system?

No, if you do not want to create a personal account at all, you’re free to remain anonymous. Just walk into the festival and use any top-up booth to add credit to your tag. The system will only identify you by your wristband ID number, with no personal data attached. You can still load funds to your wristband using the onsite top up stations and pay with it at any point-of-sale. 

Registering a personal account is therefore not mandatory but recommended as it will give you extra benefits including the ability to top up online through your smartphone, enable auto top up, track your purchase history, redeem special incentives and more easily replace your wristband with the balance intact if it gets lost.

Can I pay by bank card or cash at the bars?

All bars, food outlets and merchandise points are using our cashless solution – cards and cash will not be accepted.

Can the technology be used to track my movements?

No, it cannot. The wristbands we use can only be detected from a few centimetres away and are not equipped with any GPS technology so therefore it will be impossible to track your movements.